Dear colleagues,

We are honored to perform the 6th International 17th National Nursing Congress as Nursing Department of Faculty of Health Sciences of Gazi University, which is the one of the established universities of Turkey and given name from great leader Ataturk. The subthemes Safety and Quality Care, Nursing Education from Past to Future, Specialization in Nursing, Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing Care and Research, Professionalism and Multidisciplinary Care, Innovation and Nursing Care, Policies and Strategies in Making a Difference in Nursing Care will be discussed in the congress under the main theme “Making a Difference in Nursing Care”.In addition, courses will be given as part of our congress on some special topics that our clinician and academician colleagues may be interested in. National and international colleagues who are experts in the field of nursing will be participate as speakers and research papers in all areas of nursing will be included in our congress.

I think our congress will be successful with the contribution and participation of our colleagues and I present my love and compliments on behalf of the whole congress organizing committee.

Prof. Ayten Şentürk Erenel, PhD